Welcome to my personal website, my name is Maria Beloza and I’m a VISUAL ARTIST.
    I create personal brands and commercial brands. My work is aimed at helping people to unlock their potential (experts, entrepreneurs, artists) in personal branding and business, to present themselves with their products and services in the digital space with the help of expertly constructed visual content.

    I use comprehensive approaches and methods to uncover the deeper truth of each client. Working with each client starts with finding and shaping meaning – the DNA of your brand.

    Creating creative ideas and vision, strategies for developing, scaling and promoting the brand on social media. Comprehensive social media design.

    Also my area of expertise includes creating a unique concept for each client (style and image – closet and imagery), art-directing content shoots, producing unique content for clients, editing and processing. I am an expert who helps people adjust positioning and behavior towards their desired life and goals: manners, appearance, mindset and attitudes, guiding, image building and directional vector to unlock potential, achieve results.

    In 2021, I successfully created and launched an online mentoring program, collaborating with other experts to coach my followers to develop their personal brand and business brand, translate their ideas into action and get results.

    I love producing personalities and their projects and products. It’s a passion of mine!

    These days, digital reality is becoming more and moreevolving. And if you are an entrepreneur, expert, personality or commercial brand and you want to keep up with the times and come up with successful results and scale, then you should definitely get into developing your Personal or Commercial Brand. Let’s ride this wave together!